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ROHS anti-magnetic cable fixed head

    Screw teeth specifications: public teeth M, German teeth PG, British teeth G and the United States teeth NPT

    Product Description: This product is specially designed, in the use of insulated cable, low voltage electromagnetic waves can be reduced.

    Protection class: within the specified bayonet range, and use the O-ring seal tighten the head, to IP68-5Bar

    Operating temperature: -40 ~ +100 short time up to +120

    Material: A.C.C1.F part made of copper alloy nickel, E part of the UL approved nylon PA66 made (fire and other UL 94V-2), B and D part of the use of EPDM weathering rubber.

    Color: metallic color

    More options: According to the actual needs of customers, in particular the customization of various materials and sizes. Need to order to inquire.